Yeah, I met Martha. In November, she had a book signing at South Coast Plaza, just north of Irvine. I BOOKED it there after work, and cut off a very angry lady trying to figure out which driveway to turn into. I had no idea where the Macy’s was at this mall, so I just parked in the nearest lot, near Sears. Of course, Macy’s was at the WAY END of the mall. So here i am, semi-running in my work heels, tap-tapping through the mall. Made it to Macy’s! Oh wait, what? It’s at the Macy’s HOME store? And that’s a whole separate store…ACROSS A BRIDGE?

So I continue to book it across this damn bridge to Macy’s home. I finally make it there, heels in tact, and immediately get in line to purchase her new entertaining book. The deal was, you buy her new book, you get a seat in the studio audience and are able to meet her after. I ran all that way (over a BRIDGE, don’t forget), so there was no way I was going to miss this. After purchasing the book and securing my spot, I decided to look at the receipt. $81 DOLLARS OHHHMIIGAWDWHAT?! I decided to not think about that and focus on the fact that I was going to meet Martha. It didn’t help. The BIG MOMENT came after standing in line for nearly an hour talking with middle-aged women about my new glamorous life in the OC.

I had about 20 seconds to say, “Hi Martha my name is Elysa Thank you for coming today I also work in publishing I would love to interview you for our magazines Here is my business card…” She smiled and asked, “Oh, what magazine do you work for?” and I replied in a rush, “Stampington and Company” and she said, “Oh, very nice!” I really don’t know if she said so many “ohs” but I like to believe that she 1) had heard of us and 2) was impressed.  She signed my $81 paperweight and a lady ushered me along.


That's Martha!! And my fabulous head of hair.

Yes, I will enjoy all $81 of that. I'm never going to hear the end of this.

And that’s the story of how I met Martha Stewart. Call me!